Our Quality | Fontus Marine Trading Sdn bhd
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Our Quality

To make continuous research on international and local markets for achieving the most qualified suppliers and products.

To be in a very close and continuous collaboration with our traders and suppliers both from domestic and international markets;

To constantly keep under control the process of delivery, storage and supply of products provided by our suppliers to our inventory.

To strictly follow up national and international regulations.

To train and supervise all the employees taking place at purchasing, marketing and selling activities.

To strictly follow up HACCP regulations regarding sanitation in all our activities.

To be loyal with the environmentalist policy of our company and accordingly evaluating all kind of waste products.

To do the necessary upgrades in order to achieve a higher sales volume and profitability while keeping our leader position in the industry.

To analyze any problem faced and creating permanent solutions with the contribution of new technologies in order to prevent further repetitions of same problems and approach to the level of perfect service.

As a leader service provider company, to supply our customers at the right time, at the right place with correctly prepared goods, to realize the delivery in a correct way, to improve our ISO quality system and by this way to obtain “CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” which is the main principle and aim of our company.